Playing for the love of the game

It is our intention to give our children an all-round education and to encourage balance in their lives. With this in mind, we regard the coaching of sport as part of the educational process and an essential component of the experience offered at Martin House.

Sports essentially encourage children to:

  • Learn to develop sport and life skills

  • Gain a sense of personal identity and satisfaction

  • Learn to control emotions through involvement in competition

  • Experience excitement and personal challenges

  • Involvement in leisure activities for both immediate and long term benefit

  • Accept leadership opportunities and deal with responsibilities

  • Enjoy sport

Our Facilities Include:

  • 400m grass athletics track

  • 25m 8 lane swimming pool

  • Cricket nets and a cricket field

  • A cross country track

  • Grass netball court

  • Hockey field

  • Mountain bike track

  • Rugby field


Martin House strives for an excellent balance between academics, sport and cultural activities, which are critical components in “Learning for Life.


We are fortunate to be surrounded by very talented music teachers. During class music, all pupils learn to read music, play the recorder, listen to and appreciate classical music. The school orchestra allows interested pupils to excel in the instrument of their choice, such as violin, guitar and recorder.

A team of highly talented musicians offer individual lessons in guitar, drums, piano, violin and flute. Many of our students participate in the annual ABRSM exams.

The performing arts allow children to explore a world away from reality, to become a mysterious and wonderful character.

At Martin House, the Keystage 2 pupils stage a production for the whole community in the second Term. Many hours of singing, dancing and acting culminate into a hilarious and colourful spectacle enjoyed by young and old.

In Term 3, the Keystage 2 pupils focus on the Eisteddfod. Although daunting for some, it became a highlight on the calendar. They discovered hidden talents and listened with awe to their peers perform.

The Keystage 1 pupils have the enviable task of staging the annual Nativity. They thoroughly enjoy being transported into the stable and telling the special Christmas story as only they can do it.

Outdoor Education

All teachers at Martin House are encouraged to adopt the Experiential Learning Approach. Children for their part are involved continually and in various ways in conservation which is taken very seriously. Recycling, litter prevention and collection issues are routinely focused on. All pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are taught outdoor adventure skills, including fishing, camping, the outdoor kitchen, recognising fauna and flora, reading maps, orienteering, basic first aid, cycling proficiency and bike maintenance.

We offer skills, stamina development in activities such as canoeing, mountain biking and trail running. These are included in the camping expeditions that the senior grades undertake.

Adventure Learning occurs as part of the extramural programme, and camping falls into that category. The camping programme comprises of a gradual progression from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

Learning For Life!

Our Special Events

Reception & Grade 1

Various day outings during the course of the year.

Grade 2 & 3

Day hikes on neighbouring farms and a night out at a game farm in the area.

Grade 4

A five day adventure camp at Nsobe and various day trips

Grade 5

A 5 day adventure in Choma.

Grade 6

A 5 day experience on the banks of the Zambezi.

Grade 7

A leadership adventure at Ndubaluba.

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